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Gilman Brewing founded in 2015, brews beers with distinction, of all different styles, and flavors, but first and foremost we brew good beers without the ATTITUDE. What does that mean you ask? It means that, sure we might throw some Guava in something and give it a name like “Hot Garbage”, for fun, but we’re not pretending this is what defines great beer. And we’re sure as hell not going to force you to stand in line for 10 hours to get one either.

“Good beer without the attitude” is about a return to the good old days when your go-to taproom was sure to keep your favorite beers on tap, something reliable you could always trust. Crazy concept! We’ll be damned if we don’t keep a few cold ones of your classic favorites, on deck at all times. It’s also about making the kind of beer that hits your palette with a balanced focus and attention to detail, not wrecking your palette with gimmicky stuff tossed in. No sparkle beer here folks! For the more adventurous beer lover, get behind the wheel of one of our many rotating IPA’s loaded with a go-for-broke amount of hops, or a tart and refreshing Belgian Saison. We’re not afraid to try new things, but it has to beer real, and not full of artificial junk.

Our story begins back in the early 2000's with Tim and I experimenting with a range of styles, we particularly shared a love for the nuanced, and complex flavors of Belgian Farmhouse Ales. It’s during this time that we pioneered our most beloved styles and recipes, and broke some things in the process! We’ve always been determined to put in the hard work. Fixing and restoring things is who we are, we transformed an old automotive repair shop into our Berkeley Brewery by hand, we share a love of wrench cranking, and building stuff, like our old ’64 Chevy Pickup. We’re serious about our craft, but we know how to have fun.


None of this would have been possible without the team that keeps Gilman running strong, and we’ve been known to take in a few strays, like our shop cats Black Cat, Brown Cat, or John our GM and comrade in this adventure. Our priority is to take care of anyone who passes through our doors be it beast or thirsty patron.

As Gilman Brewing continues to roar down the road, we’ll keep turning out fresh beers on the regular, and bringing you unique and exciting experiences at our Restaurant & Taprooms in Daly City, Downtown Pleasanton (late 2019), and as always from our original Brewery in West Berkeley.

Sean, Tim, and John

Maison de Campagne