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Photo of Satan Is My Motor

Satan Is My Motor

Belgian Ale

  • 10.2% ABV

With a deceptively light gold color and smooth medium body this beer will get you places...and fast! Effervescent, with a thick white head, this beer gets off the line with warm aromas of spice, citrus, and warming alcohol from a traditional Belgian yeast strain and late hop additions. Mild crisp malt balances pepper, citrus, vanilla, mild hops and warming alcohol with a mild/moderate bitterness to produce a dangerously drinkable beer. This beer will become smoother and more mature over the next 12 months so stop back regularly to check on its progress. Fun Fact: Historically, tripels were given names referencing the Devil....with our shared love of hot rods and dangerous beers, we thought this would be a perfect tribute to the collaboration between Lucky Devil and Gilman...!

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